Integral Geometry Science succeeded in deriving the analytical solution of the inverse scattering problem for the first time in the world. Utilizing this analytical solution and state-of-the-art measurement technology, we will realize and popularize a new medical diagnostic imaging device that contributes to early detection of cancer.




Research and development of current path imaging device “FOCUS series” using magnetic field reconstruction theory. In addition, we make non-destructive imaging of various electronic devices.


Battery inspection

As demand for in-vehicle batteries and household storage batteries increases, we conduct non-destructive inspection of storage batteries and verify safety.

▶NEDO New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization




In recent years, violent incidents have occurred frequently in Japan as well as overseas, and security has deteriorated. In addition, human traffic accidents are not lost on town roads. In response to such social problems, Integral Geometry Science will make use of advanced science and technology, and will develop technologies that protect people's safety.


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