CSO Kenjiro Kimura

Dr. Kenjiro Kimura
Chief Strategic Officer

Dr. CSO Kenjiro Kimura has developed various world’s first nanometer scale measurement technologies, electron beam control technologies, magnetic imaging devices, nondestructive inspection. At Kyoto University, he studied the two-dimensional carrier profiling method based on scanning probe microscope for semiconductor device, and then, attended the national project of development of sub-nanometer scale resolution atomic force microscope in liquid. At Kobe University, he started a research of multiple electron beam lithography, and succeeded in development of MCP electron beam exposure device with Omegatron Co.,Ltd. Since 2007, he has studied a nondestructive microscope capable of imaging subsurface electric current distribution inside semiconductor devices, and started to develop a TMR microscope with reconstruction software for subsurface electric current visualization with Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Recently, basic research and practical application research of non-invasive diagnostic imaging system are carried out, and he promotes cooperative researches with various enterprises.

  • 2004 The Japan Society of Applied Physics Presentation Award
  • 2006 Society of Nano Science and Technology Young Best Presenter Award
  • 2008 The Surface Science Society? Technology Award.

He received the other various awards.

Academic background and Research biography
(Professional background)

Dr. CSO Kenjiro Kimura graduated from Kyoto University, Faculty of Engineering Undergraduate School Electrical and Electric Engineering, and got a doctor degree at Kyoto University.
He studied at the national project ? JST Development of Systems and Technology for Advance Measurement and Analysis as a researcher, and became a lecturer at Graduate School of Science, Kobe University. Since 2012, he became an associate professor and chief strategic officer of Integral Geometry Instruments.

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