CEO Noriaki Kimura

Dr. Noriaki Kimura
Chief Executive Officer

Dr. CEO Noriaki Kimura has focused on research and development of high-performance measurement instruments based on novel principles. At technology head office of Mitsui engineering & shipbuilding, he has firstly studied computer simulation based on fluid dynamics, especially analysis technique using finite element method, and vibration of mechanical products induced by fluid. Additionally, he has studied and developed a high - performance radar for nondestructive inspection and optical sensing systems. Since April, 2007, he has studied a plasma application device for semiconductor processing as a professor at Osaka University. His main inventions are inspection vehicle for sub - surface voids of road, multi-path linear array radar - CLIC - for concrete inspection, time-resolved fluorescence flow cytometer, two-dimensional faint light detector and three - dimensional camera for the robot.

  • 2002?Sanyo technology prize
  • 2008 Paper Prize from the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers.

He received the other various awards.

Academic background and Research biography
(Professional background)

Dr. CEO Noriaki Kimura graduated from school of engineering science, Osaka University, and took a Doctor degree at Tokyo University. He started research and development at Mitsui engineering & shipbuilding. He became an administration officer at Mitsui engineering & shipbuilding, and then, became a professor at Osaka University. Since April. 2012, he arrived at CEO of Integral Geometry Instruments.