- Focus 001 use uniquely -developed reconstruction software-

Focus 001 produces “beautiful” images of elecric current inside electric components, which is liken to the synthetic aperture radar equipped on artificial earth satellite.

Electric current microscope
- Focus 001 -

It is difficult to indentify the failure area inside electric components only by measuringmagnetic filed distribution around them with a magnetic filed sensor because magnetic field spread outside them. Especially, it is difficult when they are covered with thick passivation materials. Focus 001 creates internal magnetic field images by uniquely-developed mathematical reconstruction procedure using magnetic field data matrixes outside electric components.

- Principle of Focus 001 image reconstruction procedure -

In pronciple, Focus 001 creates images of electric current distribution inside electric components by solving a basic equation of electromagnetic field using the measurement data matrixes as boundary conditions which are obtained by two-dimensional scanning of a cutting-edged magnetic filed sensor. In this reconstruction procedure, both Dirichlet boundary condition and Neumann boundary one are used, and the images of magnetic field distribution inside electric components are exactly created even if there are some stray magnetic field sources behind the magnetic field sensor.

- Reconstruction of Focus 001 -

When electric current path is buried inside thick passivation layers and magnetic sensor can't be closed to it, a magnetic filed image around the device is not clear like a right image, and we can't identity the location of electric current path inside electric components. The reconstruction software equipped with Focus 001 can convert the right image toward left image by solbing the basic equation of electromagnetic field. By reconstructing the magnetic field distribution in the vicinity of the sources in the right image, the reconstructed the left image says that the right image derives from the electric current path whose pattern is Chinese character "神" .

- Visualization of electric current path inside metallic thin films -

Optical inspection method can't visualized the electric current path under the metallic thin films. Focus 001 can visualize electric current path inside metallic thin film wit's non-destructoin. The right image is a reconstructed image of crack of a metallic wiring on PCB. In conventional inspection method of internal wirings inside multi-layer PCB, we have to polish and remove the upper layers. In that case, sometimes we might destroy the targeted-area in the removing procedure. Focus 001 can solves the problem by non-destructive inspecting technology, and increase the efficiency of failure analysis.

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