We are studying the theory and method of visualizing the internal structure of an object. The basis of the method is to observe the field emitted from inside the object on the surface and visualize the structure inside the object. It means that the inside of the area is searched by calculation based on the information obtained on the surface of the area. At this time, the major issue is how to reconstruct the internal structure from the observation results on the surface, such as "what kind of equation" and "what kind of solution method". If an object is composed of "medium" and "regions with different physical properties", and all the physical properties including the medium are known, it can be calculated from the observed signal, using the basic equation written in the textbook of physics. However, the observations that are of interest are, of course, little known in advance. In other words, observation can be said to trace the causal relationship of physics in the opposite direction. Here, like the forward problem described above, the mathematical foundation is reliable, the electrical and mechanical configuration of the observation system does not change whenever the measurement conditions change, and an algorithm that can be calculated in a realistic time using a commercially available computer is most important when "tracing". In this context, we succeeded in analytically solving an important inverse problem, which is a historical unsolved problem in applied mathematics. For the "inverse problem of wave scattering", the problem of how to theoretically determine the structure inside an object from the observation result of the scattered wave by irradiating the object with the wave, we have derived partial differential equations in a multidimensional space that the scattering field should satisfy. We solved this using the observation results as boundary values, and established multipath scattering field theory to derive the internal structure of the object by extreme manipulation of time and space.


Noriaki Kimura

Chief Executive Officer

[Research and development history]

Invited Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Osaka University

Development of highly sensitive gas analysis technology using plasma equipment and quantum cascade lasers.

Chief Executive Officer, Integral Geometry Instruments GK

Conducts basic and practical research on non-destructive image inspection systems.

Together with Kobe University, developed a system that visualizes the current path of electronic devices in a non-destructive manner. Sales of current path imaging system "FOCUS 001" started.

He served as a sub-leader in the JST Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems (elemental technology).

Together with Kobe University, developed a system that visualizes the structure of an object in three dimensions from the scattering of waves.

Integral Geometry Science Co., Ltd. Representative Director

He served as a project sub-leader in the AMED Development of Advanced Measurement and Analysis Systems (AMED-SENTAN). Research and development of microwave scattering field tomographic imaging system.

Acting as a project sub-leader in the JST Future Society Creation Project, researching and developing security systems with the aim of realizing the world's best safety and security society

Satoshi Yamaguchi


Appointed General Manager of Second Investment Division, JAFCO Co., Ltd.

Appointed Specially Appointed Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology

Currently, Miyako Capital Co., Ltd. was established and assumed the position of President. Also, Director of Integral Geometry Science Co., Ltd.

Hiroyuki Misawa


Doctor of Science, Graduate School of Science, Saitama University

Senior Director of Japan Asia Investment Co., Ltd. (current position)

Director, Miyako Capital Co., Ltd. (current position)

Integral Geometry Science Co., Ltd. Auditor (current position)


*company name*

Integral Geometry Science Co., Ltd.

*Date of establishment*

April 2, 2012


IMDA4-10, 1-6-5, Minatomachi Minatojima, Chuo-ku, Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture.

* Capital (including reserves) *

? 2,155 million

* Business description *

Manufacture and sales of the world's most advanced measuring instruments and software


We develop, manufacture, and sell various measurement systems based on the world's first inverse analysis theory of electromagnetic field and inverse analysis theory of scattered field. We have succeeded in deriving analytical solutions for unsolved problems in the history of applied mathematics in many inverse problems such as "inverse problem of scattered field". Sales results include infrastructure inspection radars, sales of current path imaging systems that measure the current paths of lithium ion secondary batteries in a non-destructive manner, and the like. In the future, we will promote the practical use of breast cancer screening device and Super Security Gate.


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Integral Geometry Science, Kobe.

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Compliance in research

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