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Subsurface Imaging Science & Technology publishes papers related to subsurface imaging. Its object is to disseminate the world’s most advanced science and technology that Integral Geometry Science Inc. boasts and other remarkable and important findings in the field, and to promote the development of technologies that can be “the eyes to see through objects” in all area of medicine, energy, semiconductor, etc. and contribute to uncovering mechanisms of all the phenomena of nature.

The authors are editor-suggested scientists who lead research and technology development in the world’s highest standard, and reviewers, who are scientists with acknowledged expertise in the field, are also selected by editors. Peer review is conducted as oral or written discussion between author and reviewers so that papers are elaborated throughout the process.

Subsurface Imaging Science & Technology is fully open access journal. Papers publishes by the journal provide an understanding of the significance of theory and technology of measurement, which is describes as “the mother of natural science”, for young scientists, engineers and graduate students, and we hope the journal to lead them to this field to create new science and technology that will solve the unsolved problems of natural science and our society.


Noriaki Kimura, Ph.D in Eng., CEO, Integral Geometry Science

Kenjiro Kimura, Ph.D in Eng.,The University of Kobe

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